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A Magic Knight Rayearth Icontest

A Magic Knight Rayearth Icontest
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A Magic Knight Rayearth Icontest for the fans by the fans~

Hello there fellow iconers! ♥ Welcome to Rayearth_Itest, a community dedicated to the wonderful and heart-snatching anime Magic Knight Rayearth. This one was itching to be born ever since the last MKR itest went into a permanent hiatus of sorts - nevermind that there are enough CLAMP icontests out there.

Chances are, if you've come to this place, you're as much in love with this kick-ass anime/manga as much as I am (though I admit myself to be more of an anime-type of girl) and you want to spread the iconing love so that everyone becomes a fan.

I'm sure that you all know the drill of itests right? Just in case, let me refresh your memory please! ^^;


~ All icons must be, of course, Rayearth related. Anime, OVA, manga, artbooks...everything but doujinshi please (not that you could find any on teh Internetz anyway~ xDD)

~ Members are able to submit up to three icons every week, except on special occasions. From these three - if you choose to make three at once - one has to be from a different category than the other two.

~ Icons must fit the LiveJournal standards of a maximum size of 100x100 and 40kb. The last one goes mostly for animated icons of course.

~ Do not show off your icons anywhere before voting is finished. If anyone catches you using your icons or advertising your icons, your entry will be disqualified.

~ Do not steal another's icon and claim it as your own. This includes using an icon before the winners have been announced. If you want to use an icon but don't know who to credit, ask the mod of course!

~ Cheating will receive a ban. This includes tactical voting and voting for yourself. Don't cheat.

~ GIF, PNG, JPG - all goes. Which means that animated icons are also allowed (just remember to keep them under 40KB please). Also, unless you're a very good iconer, we recommend making them PNG...otherwise the quality may not so great. JPG extensions usually make the icon a bit grainy and that can spoil all your hard work.

~ All icons must be brand-spanking new for the icontest. Don't recycle icons. Unless we ask you too! xDD


Submission posts should come up sometime between Sunday and Monday...depending on when the new theme is posted. RL and different time zones haunt us truly~

Submission Times: my schedule generally differs greatly from other people's so I can't quite say when submission ends...I'll try my best to make it as comfortable for you guys!)


Credits: royalbk


The voting post generally comes up Saturday but, due to modly laziness and sometimes RL, it may also be posted Sunday at times. Voting closes when the mod(s) decide(s) that there are enough votes for a proper counting.


Winners for each theme will be announced Sunday night and banners will be made shortly afterward. The first-place icon will be proudly paraded in the sidebar for an entire week, until another icon takes its place.